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OH MY! Resale Platform

Want to buy or sell used tickets safely? Then use the OH MY! Resale Platform. This is the only way to resell OH MY! tickets 100% safely, because after the sale the buyer gets a new ticket and the sold ticket is invalidated. So do not buy or sell OH MY tickets through other channels.

The OH MY! resale platform does not allow sellers to charge more than the original price, which is fair. Only the buyer pays an 12% transaction fee.

This makes the OH MY! resale platform safer and cheaper than reselling through other channels. How nice!

Good to know:


  • You can resell your tickets for 100% to 100% of the face value (excluding service fees)
  • An 12% transfer fee will be charged to the person purchasing the ticket. Service fees originally paid are not refundable once you resell your ticket.
  • As a seller, offer your ticket through ‘Manage Order’ via the confirmation email you received after buying your ticket. Then click on ‘More actions’ and then on ‘Resale’.
  • A Resale account is automatically created for you. All you have to do is create a password.
  • The seller will receive a confirmation once his ticket has been resold. The seller always has the chance to withdraw his ticket as long as the ticket has not been resold or added to someone’s shopping cart via the OH MY!  Resale Platform


  • If you want to buy a ticket through the OH MY! Resale Platform, you must create a Resale account.
  • You can complete the payment for your ticket(s) via IDEAL, AppelPay, MasterCard, Sofort, VISA, Maestro Bancontact or Payconiq.
  • If there is no ticket available you can click on the ticket and enter your email address. This will notify you when a ticket is available.